Cause of Hair Loss and How to deal with it in Craigieburn

Cause of Hair Loss
Cause of Hair Loss

Hairs are a very important part of the look, they make us more confident. But when they start to fall off, trust me that it is not a good feeling and then our confidence goes low. This can happen for many reasons. Some of them are :
1.Stressful life-When you are exposed to stress your hair’s cycle will not work in the same way as usual.

2.Pregnancy-Pregnancy affects every part of a women body including here the hair. During pregnancy, women are more likely to lose hair than in their regular days.

3.Female hormones-Just like in pregnancy the female hormones play a very big role in hair cycle.

4.Diet and eating disorders-Lack of protein and vitamin supplementation can be the reason why hairs fall off during different types of diets. Also when eating less and exercising more your body goes into starvation mode. So your body energy is focused on more important processes then in growing hair.

5.Cosmetic products-Shampooing too often, using hair gel, dyeing hair can cause hair thinning by making hair weak. Also, tight braiding, hairdryers, hot curlers can cause very damage to your hair and lead to breakage.

6.A trigger event-Many people experience hair thinning when they are in different situations. It can be from emotional changes and hormonal changes too. This type of hair loss is temporary and is not supposed to last long. There also are other reasons why your hair might fall off. Such as Family history(the child can inherit his parents baldness), Drugs(used in cancer treatments, blood thinners etc), Medical conditions etc.

Home remedies are a good way when dealing with normal hair loss. A much different natural product can help to protect hair loss problems. But when the hair loss is beyond the normal loss then it is time to see a doctor. They will give you the adequate diagnoses and will treat your disorder.

Craigieburn in Australia has hair loss treatment centers that offer treatments for hair loss.

The best clinics that treat the problem are:

  • MySkin Laser Clinics
  • Four Seasons Beautique
  • Ashley and Martin
  • They offer hair loss and scalp treatment
  • Satyam Hair Transplant Australia
  • Australian Hair Assessment Centre
  • Fierce Hair Growth Maribyrnong